Annual General Meeting 2010

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The positions below are open for nomination by ORDINARY MEMBERS1 for the 30th Executive Committee (Term 2009 2010)


  • Acting as spokesperson of UNIBUDS
  • Chairing meetings
  • Co-ordinating the EXCO members
  • Bring responsible for day-to-day operation of UNIBUDS
  • Ensuring that all duties delegated to others are carried out
  • Liaise with Honorary Secretary regarding aspects of Agenda and minutes
  • Liaise with Honorary Treasurer regarding financial matter

External Vice President

  • Assisting the President
  • As Acting President in the absence of the President
  • Booking rooms for functions
  • Coordinate publicity of Unibuds activities

Internal Vice President

  • Attending to the welfare of the members
  • Enhance buddy system
  • Updating members with Unibuds activities

Honorary Secretary

  • Liaising with external correspondence
  • Recording of agenda and minutes of official EXCO meetings
  • Collect report of activities
  • Collecting mails (from mailbox and pigeon hole)
  • Keep custody of all documents, forms, records, and files of Unibuds
  • Make records of all Unibuds activities for the year

Honorary Treasurer

  • Handling all the financial matters
  • Presenting up-to-date position of Unibuds during meetings

General Secretary

  • Maintaining Unibuds Library (Including books and audio-visual materials on Buddhism)
  • Updating of membership list
  • Coordinating of librarians

Activities Director

  • In-charge of sports session
  • Coordinate the organisation of some Dhamma related social activities such as monastery visits

English & Chinese Dhamma Talk Coordinators

  • Co-ordinate and organise weekly Dhamma Talks
  • Organising of speaker for the talks

Meditation Session Co-ordinator

  • Organise and promote regular Buddhist Meditation sessions at the University
  • Providing reference and information in regards to Buddhist Meditation practices

Sacca Editor

  • Coordinate Sacca editorial team
  • Promoting better communication among Unibuds members through newsletters (e.g. Informing members about past and upcoming activities)
  • Promote Buddhism within the University and among the public

Annual Magazine Editor

  • Coordinate Annual Magazine editorial team
  • Promote Buddhism within the University and among the public
  • Record the activities for the year of Unibuds


  • - Coordinate the publicity of UNIBUDS activities/events
  • - Liaise with Webmaster for the maintenance of UNIBUDS website

We are looking for sub-committee members for the teams listed below:

  • Publicity Team
  • Library Team
  • Social Team
  • Dhamma Team (English & Chinese)
  • Sacca Team (English & Chinese)
  • Annual Magazine Team
  • Meditation Workshop Team

(Note: The description above is only a brief summary of the roles)

* If you would like to nominate a member for any the above positions, please fill in the nomination form and drop it at Unibuds library between noon and 2pm during weekdays, or pass it to any of the current EXCO members during Dhamma talks.

* All candidates standing for the election of the Executive Committee shall be duly proposed and seconded by ordinary members of Unibuds present at AGM. Nominations for the top 5 positions (President, External Vice President, Internal Vice President, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer) must be submitted and received AT LEAST 2 DAYS before the AGM.

* Nominations for the other 7 positions are also accepted before the AGM or may be called out on the day of the AGM.

* If you would like to stand for any of the above positions but is unsure of the duties involved, please feel free to talk to any of the EXCO members.

1Ordinary members are current students of UNSW, and are current members of UNIBUDS.

For all further enquiries please contact the AGM Coordinators