Want to know how you can help with the Exhibition?
Below is the complete list of the different departments where you volunteer in.
Come and join us! Every small helping hands will amount to the success of the exhibition!

Departments Contact Persons

Program Master Department

Do you like to host ceremonies?
We are looking for two Masters of Ceremony (MC) who are fluent in English.
Do not like to speak but still interested to contribute you to the Buddhist Exhibition 2011?
The roles of Mic runners, ushers and tray person in Program Master Department are waiting for you!!!

Xian Hui
Mobile: 0402 646 027
Email: xianhui90@gmail.com
Monastery Visit Department

The main objective for monastery visit department is to explain Buddhist Exhibition theme to the venerables as well as the head of Buddhist organisations, seek their advices on the exhibition and to borrow artefacts from them. If you are interested in travelling around Sydney, photography, at the same time visiting temples of different countries and cultures, you are most welcome to join our team and have fun together! It's a really exciting department so don't miss out the chance~!
Ian Ch'ng
Mobile: 0430 063 421
Email: iancxy89@gmail.com

Foh Fan
Mobile: 0422 422 544
Email: yongfohfan@gmail.com

Kelly Wong
Mobile: 0430 470 035
Email: kykellywong@gmail.com
Reception Department

Hello ~ Do you wish to help to give our guests the warmest welcome?? Would you like to have the opportunity to escort the Venerables?? Or do you wish to help out by giving our guest a wonderful tour around the exhibition?? If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, then you're welcome to join the Receptionist Department! Let's make this exhibition memorable, fun and meaningful for ourselves and our guests!!
Mobile: 0404 609 225
Email: hans.wibowo@gmail.com
Marketing Department

Do you always have a smile on your face? Do you like walking around meeting random people? Do you want to just shout and announce to the whole world about our upcoming event? Oh yes, I know you do. Then what are you waiting for? The Buddhist Exhibition's Marketing Department is waiting for you to join in. Come along and help promote this wonderful and meaningful event. It won't take a lot of your time, an hour or two in between classes is all you need. So, hurry up and sign yourself in..
Den Neil
Mobile: 0422 064 400
Email: ooi.den.neil@gmail.com
Decoration Department

Are you creative and artistic?
Feel you could use an outlet to channel your interest for design and art?
Enjoy making things with profound significance and stories to tell?
Love having your work awed at with fascination and admiration?
Or what you seek is perhaps just some activities to take you from your mind-boggling studies or work?

If your answer is yes to any of these, it is YOU we are looking for!! This is THE chance to unleash your hidden talents and reveal the creative you! Only once in 3 years, this golden opportunity is hard to come by. If you are hesitating whether you have what it takes to join the team, please don't worry! What is important is your interest and enthusiasm. This team awaits your presence on board, looking forward to work with you! =)
Hong Gee
Mobile: 0423 429 015
Email: ooi.hong.gee@gmail.com

Juan Lyn
Mobile: 0430 115 568
Email: ang_juanlyn@hotmail.com

Su Sian
Mobile: 0433 946 550
Email: tehsusian@gmail.com
Publication Department

Designing flyers, posters, and exhibition booklets is what we do. If you think you are slightly more creative than most people, don't bother browsing through the other departments, this is just the right department for you. We believe that every mind is a creative mind. Hence, anyone is eligible to join. We sincerely welcome the creative you to the Publication Department!
Wei Yin
Mobile: 0430 533 011
Email: clarissewy.chen@gmail.com
Technician Department

Hello! Ever wonder how the lighting for an exhibition is done? This is what the technician department do! We will lay out the lightings, cables, extensions, multimedia etc. It is an important job as an exhibition will not be decent without appropriate lighting! No experiece is required, all you need is to be a team player and highly enthusiastic. Stop hesistating and join us now!
Kia Sheng
Mobile: 0450 632 109
Email: kiasheng.chew@gmail.com
Transport Department

Get your engine started. Vrooom!!! As we will be 'importing' artifacts to the exhibition from monasteries. So, we are urgently in need of drivers. You should have valid driver's license and a reasonable amount of experience. Drivers with their own vehicles are appreciated. Besides that, expert navigator is welcomed to keep the driver awake, while helpers are needed to load and unload the artifacts.
Bing Sen
Mobile: 0433 455 522
Email: kbs25kia@gmail.com

Kai Yi
Mobile: 0433 539 339
Email: kygiam88@gmail.com
Security Department

Ever wondered who's in charge of keeping an eye on the artifacts and the other valuable items on display? Ever wondered who's in charge of keeping the exhibition area safe? Well, wonder no more, as the answer would be our very own Security Department. If you possess high levels of alertness or just curious about what the role of a security guard is, then this is the department to join! Even if you have just one or two hours a day to spare, it is more than enough, as we would be having a duty roster for every exhibition day with regular shifts. It is also a good opportunity to meet new friends and also to learn more about our Buddhist Exhibition topic. Don't hesitate to call your fellow buddies if you feel that they are interested in helping out too. Sign up now!
Mobile: 0425 667 068
Email: fallenangel91xd@gmail.com
Archive Department

Hi guys! We are the ones who preserve the memory of the exhibition! The archive department is looking for photographer and videographer. No experience is needed. So what are you waiting for?
Andre Teh
Mobile: 0434 528 064
Email: andretehmso@gmail.com