Want to know how you can help with the Exhibition?
Below is the complete list of the different departments where you volunteer in.
Come and join us! Every small helping hands will amount to the success of the exhibition!

Departments Contact Persons

Program Master Department

Hi, my name is Edo and I am the Head of Program Master Department for Buddhist Exhibition 2014. We are currently searching for male or female Master Ceremonies (MCs) who are fluent in English for the Opening Ceremony. If you guys don't like to talk in front of many audience then there is a lot of positions like ushers for venereables, tray person or maybe helping us set up for the Opening Ceremony. We are waiting for you XD !

Edo - 0405 998 088

Stephanie - 0414 614 671

Reception Department

If you like to meet, greet and smile this is the great chance for you to put them into action! The Reception department needs you and your beautiful smile. You will also have the chance to learn more Dhamma by becoming a curator and have the rare chance to meet and greet UNIBUDS VIPs. Donít miss this chance as Buddhist Exhibitions only come once every three years. Make this a part of your unforgettable memories.

William - 0411 100 345

Ferani Heng - 0450 643 459     scen707jia@gmail.com

Marketing Department

Hi all, do you like challenges? Or want to learn how to promote? Or even just wanting to try to talk to a strangers for hours?
If you said yes to any of the above, then this is the right department for you. So, what we do is to promote the Buddhist Exhibition as much as we can on campus and off campus.
Sounds interesting right? Thatís not all. You will also learn how to communicate with a lot of people! And for the best part! You will learn the ancient method to make GLUE!!!!!!
So donít hesitate anymore! Come join Marketing Department!

Louis - 0412 279 153

Chui Choo - 0435 350 609

Decoration Department

What makes a story? Words, pictures, films, objects, memories ...?
How would you like to be involved in portraying interesting stories from various countries?
Hesitate no more! Join us in the fun journey of drawing, sewing, cutting, moulding, designing, and arranging for the upcoming exhibition. Let us share the inspirations from these stories with everyone. Let this experience enrich YOUR own life story =]

Nee Shuang - 0430 788 980

Yan Ni Ng - 0450 505 193

Weiwei Fam - 0404 775 422 

Jia Jun Tor - 0426 249 203

Publication Department

Publication Department is the designing department for all the posters you'll see around campus and the booklets containing all the fascinating information of the artefacts and artworks you'll see at the exhibition. Interested to share your creativity? Then we're ready to see what you got! =D

Emily - 0433 149 913

Yi Hui - 0430 222 663

Technician Department

Buttons! Lights! Action!

Are you interested in any of the above? or someone that just wants to learn something new?
If you said yes to either one of it, then good news!!! Our technician department needs you! 
Our main role as techies are fairly simple:
1. Find those power points
2. Put in the power cord in
3. Light everything up!
Well there might be a few technical stuffs here and there, that's why we're called technicians!
So come join us and shine the path for everyone, literally!

(Disclaimer: Other possible task might include computers, music, table lamps,buttons, food and jumping around)

Boon Jiun - 0450 556 529

Qin - 0405 335 717             tzeqin@gmail.com

Transport Department

As this department is in charge of providing transport to various things ranging from VIPs to heavy artifacts, I am currently searching for a few drivers and vehicles to help with this particular requirement. If you have a car and enjoy exploring Sydney, spending time in your car, or if you have a van or a truck that could load heavy objects, please contact me immediately for the limited positions available in the department. You wouldn't want to miss out on this chance, so pick up that phone and give me a call... Texts and Emails are accepted as well.

Den Neil - 0422 064 400

Kean Hoe Gan - 0422 406 430

Security Department

Looking for a way to contribute but don’t know how? Fret no more; Security is the team for you! We don’t require any sort of expertise or skill, just a bit of commitment from you to keep the exhibits safe and sound. Plus, you get the chance to grow some muscles while helping out. =D

Tasks of the Security Department include:

  • Keep an eye out for theft and vandalism.
  • Assisting with set up/pack up.
  • Carrying the infamous 300 kg Buddha statue!

Sound like the job for you? Contact me now!

Tze Hao - 0425 811 313   
Archive Department

Do you enjoy taking pictures, filming or editing videos?
If yes, you should be a part of Archive department!

In Archive, you have a chance to capture all the joy, tears, stress and most importantly, success all of which would make up the fantastic and memorable moments of Buddhist Exhibition 2014.

Triyana - 0434 398 316

Daniel - 0416 799 797