Bodhi Nite 2009 Celebration

Saturday, 29/08/2009

UNIBUDS was first founded in 1981, by Dr. Ching Liang Lim and his small group of committee members. With the guidance of our patrons, support and contribution of public, UNIBUDS became a society for the students, by the students, which flourished in a university environment

Bodhi Nite, is an anniversary to commemorate the wonderful birth of this society, and its journey which we have become a part of. In conjunction to this celebration, we explore a certain concept or value found in Buddhism, and then share it with masses through a creative mix of stage play, choir and multimedia presentations.

We have 12 departments, and every departments will need some helping hands. Bodhi Nite will not be success without any of the departments functioning. So to make the engine works, we need YOU!! I now proudly announce the Bodhi Nite departments, along with the message from the respective department heads:

  • Program Master – Kia Sheng

    Feel like contributing to Bodhi Nite? Enjoy being a host for Bodhi Nite? Fear not, program master department has something for you no matter on stage or off stage. We are looking for Masters of Ceremony(mandarin and english), translators, mic runners, composers and pianist for the night. The night will not be a success without YOU! Everyone is welcomed!

  • Sketch Department – Rosie

    Love the limelight? Interested in spreading goodwill and happiness? Then the Sketch Department is for you!Be a part of the team to convey meaningful Dhamma messages to the audience while creating loads of fun, good cheer and laughter! Not only will you learn lots during the rehearsal process, you'll also make many friends and have the time of your life~! All actors and actresses welcomed!

  • Choir Department – Yee Herng

    Do you like singing?? Then, stop wasting your money to frequent karaoke sessions. In Choir Dept. of Bodhi Nite 2009, we will provide professional* vocal training, not to mention also lots of fun!!! Investing your time here will be well worth the effort!! Bring your talents to the stage!! Do you have what it takes?
    * These are highly talented individuals though without any official certification =p Choir is one of the main performance on Bodhi Nite. It brings together happy faces and good energy~ You would feel a warmth of being a part choir family! Don't wait, faster register now! =D

  • Backstage Department – Mei Ling

    Don't know which department to help? These questions will probably be able to help you;
    • Interested in helping out in Bodhi Nite but too shy to perform?
    • Creative but don't have a proper place to practice your creativity?
    • Ever wondered what is behind the scene of a performance like?
    • Want to help and work out at the same time?
    If most of your answers are yes for the questions above, backstage is the department for you! Feel free to contact me ( ) if you want to sign up or want know more about what is involved in this department.Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Marketing Department – Ian

    Hmm... Wondering what you can contribute for Bodhi Nite? Afraid of performing in front of a HUGE crowd? Really feel like helping out? Then.. The Marketing department is the perfect choice for you!
    Basically, what marketing department do is to sell the tickets! It's not a must to have MANY friends in order to help selling the tickets, We will be VERY GRATEFUL if you are able to help us to sell 1 or 2 tickets, but of course, the more the merrier.. =p Remember, marketers play a very important role for the night too. Without you, the night will not be successful at all!

  • Multimedia Department – Bernard

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, then videos must be seriously talkative. Put your creative talents to great use by joining the Multimedia Department! Create stunning audio and visual effects that add life to Bodhi Nite! We have a wide range of positions available to maximise your potential. Animators, artists, scriptwriters, PowerPoint-ers, computer techs and much more..
    Worried that you lack the skills? Worry no more, as long as you know how to use a computer, we will have a position for you!

  • Catering Department – Ming De

    Like food? Like eating? Like helping out while eating? Then this is your department~! Look no further~!
    Food is a fundamental substance. It keeps our body alive, and only when we are satisfied will we be able to pay attention to the teachings properly. That is what Catering Department aims to accomplish~! We are looking for people who want to help out, who want to contribute, who want to make a difference, or all of the above, because your every effort will go into creating the right conditions for people to take in the teachings. Or, you could genuinely have fun with friends and food~! You do not need to know how to cook, but a keen sense of hygiene, responsibility and efficiency is most desired~!

  • Receptionist Department – Mandy

    "Welcome to Bodhi Nite 2009!" Yes~ This is what part of what reception department does.. Do you like welcoming and greeting people with your warm smile? Do you wanna contribute but doesn't have the time to? Well... Reception welcomes you!
    Job commitment: 29th August 2009 and 2 hours briefing before 29th August..
    Good deal?
    Contact Mandy at 0404609225 or now! ^_^

  • Publication Department – Zhang Yi

    Talented or Interested in Drawing and Design? Like working with shapes and patterns?
    Is good with computer graphics? Like being creative? In our department, you will take part in the design and publishing of posters, pamphlets, program booklets and tickets for Bodhi Nite 2009! Our challenge is to come up with the best, most creative and most eye catching designs to attract as many audiences to Bodhi Nite as we can. As a bonus, all team members get to keep a copy of the creative designs to show their family and friends. So join us and let us make Bodhi Nite 2009 a success!"

  • Transportation Department – Kelly

    Your HELP is needed! Without you, Bodhi Nite cannot run smoothly!
    If you have any of the following
    - A driving license
    - A car (or can lend to us)
    - The passion to drive (even you don’t have a car)
    Would like to have face to face contact with our VIPs?
    Congratulation !! You have chosen the right department!! Please come and join us!!!
    Be part of our team and driving our Venerables and VIPs !!

  • Decoration Department – Shi Nee

    Do you…
    • Enjoy making things look beautiful and pretty?
    • Like working with flowers and colours?
    • Love seeing your work being awed with admiration at?
    • Enjoy stretching around and having some exercise?

    If you do…look no further!!! THIS is the golden opportunity to express your enjoyment and talents into setting the wonderful and mesmerising scene of Bodhi Nite 2009! We’ll be decorating the stage and the reception areas – preparing for the glittering night of performance, fun and laughter! If you would like to be part of this team that leaves a beautiful trail everywhere they go – welcome on board! Your contributions are greatly appreciated!
    Please do not hesitate to contact me! We’d love to hear from you! =)

  • Archive Department – Khai Yi

    It comes, It stays, It goes... Bodhi Nite will be over in a blink of eye! But, we can capture the wonderful moment we had! Who does the job? WE!!! No doubt, Archive Department will be capturing the precious moments, frame it up or burn into a DVD so we can watch it anytime we wish to!
    So if you love taking photographs and playing paparazzi, or have a camera or video camera to spare, or even better, have the skills to make a good DVD, then join the Archive Department!

Join us in creating this miracle, and discover the latent talents and ability that you thought you never have!