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UNIBUDS One-Day Meditation Retreat

Attaining inner peace and tranquility allows oneself to experience physical and mental states of happiness, and keep us smiling. Meditation has been known and proven to aid in such experiences. However, have you ever wondered if there are any molecular transformations to the heart and mind as well? UNIBUDS welcomes you along to the One-day Meditation Retreat, themed Nano-Nibbana. This retreat will be held at Sunnataram Forest Monastery where Phra Mana, the abbott, will share his knowledge and experiences on meditation and its coupling with spiritual molecular transformations. Please read below for more details.

Everyone is welcomed to attend the retreat. Registration is important for this event as there are limited places and to organise transportation for everyone. Priority will be given to UNIBUDS members, if there are insufficient places. So register early to secure a spot! In order to minimize interruptions and gain the most of out this retreat, it is preferred that you stay for the full duration of the retreat.

Click here to download the One-Day Meditation Retreat Registration Form. Please complete it and return to by Monday 21st April. Feel free to contact either Emily or Triyana for any queries.

For those who are able to drive to the monastery, please contact Emily or Triyana if you are able to organize a carpool. Thank you!

Sunnataram Forest Monastery (Bundanoon-NSW)
Wednesday, 23rd April 2014
ICon-Time Day Event
Train Fare from Central to Bundanoon - Single Adult S8.60
Emily - 0433 149 913 |
Triyana - 0434 398 316 |

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