Welcome 2015!

We are back and running again! See you in our events!

Dhamma Talk Recordings

Missed our previous Dhamma Talks? Don't worry because all the talks' recordings are available for download here!


UNIBUDS BI-Annual Activity

Welcome back to a fresh start of the university year!

UNIBUDS is the society to join to learn more about Buddhism and practise it too! Not only that, throughout the year, our society is jam packed full of awesome activities to be a part of. From Dhamma talks and meditation workshops to potlucks (free food) and a spectacular one-night-only performance show! So, don't miss out on your chance to become a part of our society today! If you were a member previously, our membership does only last one year so don't forget to renew your membership. If you've already signed up, just pop by to have a friendly chat with us =D

How to sign up? Visit our stall at the map below during O-Week or outside of Main Library during Week 1!

O-Week - Corner of Webster Building and Science Theatre
Week 1 - At Main Library
23rd February - 6 March 2015
ICon-Time 10.00am - 4.00pm
Membership fee
: $7 (UNSW Students and Staff)
: $12 (non-UNSW students and staff)
: $15 (residing outside Australia)
Emily - 0433 149 913 |
Steven - 0427 850 858 |
Harry - 0452 646 414 |


UNIBUDS Annual Activity

Hello Unibuddies! So what's next after that interesting O-Week? Well, of course it is the ever exciting O-Picnic! O-Picnic is UNIBUDS' very first meet-up event for the year 2015. It will be a great opportunity for the new Unibuddies out there to mingle around and make new friends whereas those who have been around with UNIBUDS for some time can take this opportunity to rekindle your relationship with other Unibuddies and meet new people too! As the name suggests, do expect a delicious BBQ meal and other delicious food in this event. Besides that, there will also be interesting games throughout the event to make sure that O-Picnic will be one fun-filled activity!

So, what are you waiting for? Mark down the following details and come join us for O-Picnic!

Coogee Beach (BBQ pit opposite McDonalds) **
Saturday, 7th March 2014
ICon-Time 10.30am - 1.30pm
Just your busfare! Food & entertainment are provided!
Kitiphume - 0405595409 |
Jinsin - 0450038737 |

**Venue will be changed to "Squarehouse Balcony" in case of rainy weather.

Our venue guiders will also be awaiting you at UNSW's Main Walkway for those who are not familiar with Coogee Beach.

In order for us to better cater to everyone's needs, please register with the organisers your name, contact number, email address and whether you'll make your own way there or meet at Uni to get there.

As food will be provided, all you need to bring is some sun screen, shades, sunglasses, some money for busfare and of course yourself!



Annual Magazine 2010-2011

The long awaited Annual Magazine 2010-2011 is finally out. We have combined the two-year annual magazine into one edition.

'Wisdom with a Heart'
'Mindfulness: Right Here, Right Now'
(PDF: 7.0MB)
Right Click here and 'save as' to download file!

SACCA Publication

The latest June 2014 - August 2014 Winter Edition SACCA with the topic of '99 Red Balloons' is OUT!
Right Click here and 'save as' to download file! (PDF - 2.4MB).

For those who have not received the SACCA newsletter, please contact Yuen Li at


Come and learn the Dhamma with us! And together, we shall find the happiness and the purpose of life...

UNIBUDS membership form (pdf, 19kb)