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UNIBUDS 2016 Handbook

You can find a copy of our UNIBUDS 2016 Handbook by right clicking on below link and saving a copy into you computer. Please note to check our website regularly for updated informations.

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UNIBUDS SACCA goes electronic!

As a move to go green and reach out to many unibuddies out there, UNIBUDS has now started SACCA eletronically on UNIBUDS Facebook page. So please follow UNIBUDS Facebook page if you haven't done so for news about ongoing activities and more! www.facebook.com/unibuds

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'the middle path'
June 2010 - August 2010
(PDF: 7MB)

Editor's Note: The writter's name on article "Meditation and the Middle Path" in this winter issue is spelt wrongly as "Venerable Somtit". The correct name is "Venerable Somkid". UNIBUDS sincerely apologises for the mis-spelt name.

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July - August 2005 - Chinese + English
(PDF: 2MB)


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