Our Patrons' Monasteries

Wat Pa Buddharangsee

It contains information on the activities of our Patron's (Chao Khun Samai) Monastery.

Hwa Tsang Monastery

It contains information on the activities of our Patron's (Ven. Tsang Hui) Monastery.

Our Alumni in Malaysia

Zheng Xin Buddhist Association

Zheng Xin is an extension of UNIBUDS, which was formed in 1999 thereafter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by Ven. Tsang Hui of Sydney Australia.


Access To Insight

a very complete archive of Theravadan teachings, with talks by Thai forest monks, the Sutta, Tipitaka, etc.

A Lighter Side of Buddhism

Buddhist humor.


a very well-managed and comprehensive website on Buddhism. This site is managed by Venerable Pannyavaro, an Australian Buddhist monk.

Buddhist Meditation Library

Buddhist council of NSW

DharmaNet International

a good place to start exploring Buddhism.

DhammaPada, the Complete Text

the famous sayings of the Buddha.

Journal of Buddhist Ethics

a yearly publication on Buddhism and its principles, and reviews on Buddhist books.


a website devoted to Buddhism in America.

Sunnataram Forest Monastery

Sunnataram Forest Monastery website. From this website, you can find more about the monastery's contact details, daily programs, and meditation retreats.

Vajrayana Institute

Tibetan Buddhism virtual Sangha website.


Quarterly Buddhist Magazine produced in America with impressive articles and interviews. Worth to check out the daily dharma quotes.

WWW Virtual Library(Buddhist Studies)

contains repository of Buddhist suttas.