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Summer retreat

UNIBUDS Bi-Annual Retreat

UNIBUDS will be holding its long awaited annual event, the Summer Retreat, in Hwa Tsang Monastery during the summer break this year, which is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a short get away from your hectic routine to learn more about the Dhamma. This is a chance you would not want to miss as the trip would definitely give you an unforgettable experience. Come and join us in learning more about monastic life and enjoy the peacefulness away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

What will we be doing?
Under the guidance of Venerable Neng Rong, the abbot of Hwa Tsang Monastery, we will be practicing meditation, listening to Dhamma talks, practicing Buddhist teaching in real life through sketch and of course have FUN with the activities!

What if I’m not a student, UNIBUDS member, nor full-on Buddhist?
All are welcome! The retreat - and the Monastery itself - is all about opening the doors of Buddhism for you to explore freely. However, due to the limited space, UNIBUDS members are prioritized and a first-come-first-serve basis will be applied. Please register as soon as possible so you don't miss out! Also, as a sign of respect to the Monastery, participants must attend the full retreat for 3 days and 2 nights.

I can’t wait! How can I register?
Please register online by clicking the link here.

Hwa Tsang Monastery, Homebush
Friday-Sunday, 23rd-25th November 2018
FREE! Food and accommodation are generously provided by the Monastery, and donations to the Monastery are most welcome.
Train fare (Opal card)
Jo Shua

Meditation Workshop - Vipassana Meditation

UNIBUDS Meditation workshop
Jim Teoh

It’s nearing the end of semester now – how are we all feeling? We know that exams and assignments are coming up real soon and we are all getting very busy. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in this period and thus, UNIBUDS is organising a wonderful meditation session to help you through and maintain a peace of mind during this period.

The meditation we’ll be doing in our last Meditation Workshop of the year is Vipassana Meditation which focuses on the deep interconnection between body and mind. We’ll be aiming to discipline our attention to the physical sensations in our body and observe the mind as we pay attention to the life within our body. This can help develop a mind filled with love, compassion and peace which benefits us wherever we are – whether we are busy with our study, our work and even in our free time to foster positive emotions. So come join us to start or continue your journey of a mindful and happier wellbeing!

Please kindly RSVP by contacting us on the contact below so that we can confirm the number of attendees and cater for all

Speaker's Profile:
Experienced in both Mahayana and Theravada teachings, Jim Teoh has been teaching practical Buddhist courses for over ten years. During this time he has taught numerous course and meditation sessions at one of the earliest Buddhist introductory courses, held at the Buddhist Library. Jim Teoh has been one of our favourite speakers for many years! So, make sure you don't miss his talk this time.

Squarehouse 114
Saturday, 20th October 2018
ICon-Time 10.00am - 1.00pm
Eva Chiu

UNIBUDS Annual General Meeting

UNIBUDS Activity

Time flies and our 38th executive committee (EXCO) are finally reaching the end of their term. We would like to congratulate each and every single of our current EXCO for all the challenges you overcame and every spiritual friend you made along the way.

As our fellow EXCO are about to say goodbye to this term, we are anticipating new faces with great excitement in the upcoming election for the 39th Executive Committee!!! We would hereby like to invite each and every single one of you to participate in the upcoming Annual General Meeting, where you will have a chance to run for a position in the committee, exercise your voting rights in electing the next EXCO, and cheer on those who will be nominated. This will be a good opportunity for you to steer UNIBUDS to greater heights. So, do come and join us!

Please find below the attached document containing the list of available positions (stay tuned as this is subject to change). There will be a nomination box outside UNIBUDS library, Squarehouse Level 3 for you to submit your nomination forms from 12.00pm-2.00pm on weekdays.

Please note:
1) If you wish to run for the top five positions (President, External Vice Presidents, Internal Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer) you must be an ORDINARY MEMBER of UNIBUDS (i.e. you must be a UNSW student)
2) We will not open our membership registration on the day Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held. If you wish to register for membership please do so prior to the AGM date (or after the AGM date)

Please click here for the document containing list of available positions and portfolio duties.

Law 163
Saturday, 6th October 2018
ICon-Time 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Jay Sie

Taronga Zoo

UNIBUDS Activity

Roaring for some excitement in the mid-semester break? Well, prepare to be a-moose-d because UNIBUDS is visiting Taronga Zoo for the first time and YOU are invited! Ever seen a greater bilby, a regent honeyeater or a bongo? (Don’t worry, we haven’t either - all the more reason to come and discover > 4000 animals from over 350 different species with us). Complete with keeper talks and shows, we promise that it will be otter-ly amazing! 😊Feel free to bring your friends and family along – no koala-fications necessary. What are you waiting for? Sign up here asap – we’d be lion if we said you wouldn’t be missing out otherwise :p

Meeting information:
1) 8.45am at Chatime bus stop near UNSW or
2) 10.00am at Taronga Zoo entrance

Destination: Taronga Zoo
Sunday, 23rd September 2018
ICon-Time 10.00am - 4.30pm
$33.30 concession (with valid student card) / $42.30 adult

Meditation Workshop - Walking Meditation

UNIBUDS Meditation workshop
Grahame White

How is everyone feeling this semester? Mid semester break is coming soon, and we know that everyone is feeling tense because of the mid semester exams. Thus, UNIBUDS will be organizing an interesting meditation workshop to help you ease your mind.

This workshop will be focusing onWalking Meditation which is a little different from the normal sitting meditation! The idea of walking meditation is to be aware while walking and to use the natural movement of walking to cultivate mindfulness and wakeful presence. If you are a type of person who has a tendency to easily fall asleep while doing sitting meditation, walking meditation will be a suitable alternative for you! The workshop consists of introduction to Walking Meditation, guided meditations in intervals, Q&A sessions to answer your questions. Come and join us for a fruitful Saturday!

Speaker Profile:
Grahame White has been involved in Buddhist meditation practice for over 40 years. He began his study in England in 1969 before being ordained as a Buddhist monk for one year in BodhGaya, India in 1971. He took a primary role in the establishment of Vipassana meditation in the tradition of MahasiSayadaw in Australia and co-founded the Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Center outside Sydney. Now, Grahame leads introductory and day long courses in Sydney and regularly teaches longer intensive retreats in the US. He has also helped pioneer a workshop format that enhances the transfer of mindfulness from the formal sitting practice into daily life. Grahame returns to Myanmar (Burma) each year in order to deepen his practice and study of the Buddha’s teachings and at times assist in the teaching of Vipassana retreats for foreigners. Grahame teaches a classical tradition of insight meditation with a relaxed, accessible style.

Squarehouse 114, UNSW
Saturday, 22nd September 2018
ICon-Time 10.00am - 1.00pm
Mei Yan Tang -

EXCO Info Session

UNIBUDS Activity

As many of you may have known, our Annual General Meeting is just around the corner. And that is when the current Executive Committee will be replaced by the incoming 39th EXCO! We are anticipating new faces with great excitement to join our team to lead another successful year of UNIBUDS. That’s why we will be having an Info Session for those who are interested in the roles of the committee. We will be going through the roles and responsibilities of each executive member and you will have a chance to talk to any of the current EXCO and have a peak into their own experience being an EXCO for the past year.

Joining the executive committee will definitely give you a unforgettable experience in uni while learning the Dhamma with the UNIBUDS family. If you are looking for a chance to grow with but are feeling a little unsure about which role you would like to take, please do come and meet our friendly fellow committee members this Wednesday!

Squarehouse Level 2
Saturday, 19th September 2018
ICon-Time 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Jay Sie

Scripture Study - Resolving Conflict

UNIBUDS Activity

After having coursed through the mid-semester exam and a busy semester, did anyone feel like they may have lost a bit of touch with learning Buddhism? Fret not! Scripture Study Workshop is making its way back for the second time this year around. So if you are waiting for a chance to learn more about Buddhism, or if you have Dhamma questions you want to discuss in an open environment – drag your friends along and join us for a fun and friendly Dhamma discussion session!

What is Scripture Study?

From times to times some of you (like myself) may have some doubts when you hear about Buddhism from others – “How would I know what are the correct teachings? How do I know if what other people tell me is true Buddhism? Am I on the right path? Knowing this would happen, the Buddha made his advice clear;

"Without approval or scorn, take careful note of (others) words, and make them stand against the Suttas (Discourses) and tally them against the Vinaya (Rules)." (DN 16)

Precisely, at Scripture Study, we will discuss hands-on the teachings of the Buddha (and his disciples') from some of the earliest Buddhist recordings.

Our theme

The theme for this Scripture Study workshop will be on “resolving conflicts”.

What will we be doing?

The schedule for this Scripture Study Workshop will be as follows:
1. Small introduction to Scripture Study Workshop and its purpose
2. Discussion of the suttas in groups, led by facilitator(s)
3. Group presentation – what each group has learned, any interesting points that come across.

For many of you, this will be a new experience as you might be exploring a new means to study Buddhism! Do not fret! Anyone new to Buddhism is also welcome.

Disclaimer: Like other UNIBUDS activities, there is no sectarian division in Scripture Study. This means that we welcome participants from all Buddhist backgrounds. Through this activity we aim to enhance our understanding of Buddhism in an open-minded way.

Squarehouse 114
Saturday, 15th September 2018
ICon-Time 10.00am - 1.00pm
Free - just yourself with fun, enthusiasim and desire to learn mindset
Tus -

Bodhi Nite Thank You Dinner

UNIBUDS Activity

Bodhi Nite 2018 was a success yet again! We owe it to all of you who have spent your valuable time and effort to make Bodhi Nite a wonderful night! In order to show our appreciation for your contribution, and to get to know you even better, UNIBUDS would like to invite EVERYONE to our Thank You Dinner/Potluck 4. This will be celebrated through a social gathering complete with delicious cuisines prepared by our very own Organising Committee members (of course, you’re also more than welcome to bring your favourite dish as well)! All you have to do is come, relax and enjoy the night!

We are sure by now most of you must have experienced Post Bodhi Nite Syndrome (PBNS). So come along to meet your fellow members again and spend the night with non-stop laughter and joy as we reminisce about the good times :)

The Lodge, Level 3 of Squarehouse
Saturday, 8th September 2018
ICon-Time 6.30pm - 9.00pm
Just your busfare! You are more than welcomed to bring a dish to share with other. Otherwise, just your empty stomach!
Jo Shua Ooi
Peter Chan

Bodhi Nite 2018:
Whispers of the Heart - Mindful Words, Blissful World


It's time for Bodhi Nite again!!! Uhmm... sounds fancy but what is it all about? Bodhi Nite is where we come together to celebrate UNIBUDS' anniversary (UNIBUDS is 38 years old this year - YAYYY!!) with a series of incredible performances such as singing, acting, dancing and multimedia presentations. Also, we aim to present the teachings of the Buddha in a fun and entertaining way. It is one of our major annual events so get excited and hyped up!

This year, we will be exploring the theme of right speech. We speak everyday but are we truly aware of the contents of our speech and the effect of our speech on others? To prevent our speech from hurting ourselves and others, or having any other negative consequences, we must practise right speech, as taught in the noble eightfold path. The virtue of right speech encompasses abstaining from false speech, divisive speech, abusive speech and idle chatter. Join us and discover more about right speech from the perspective of Buddhism!

Saturday, 25th August 2018

6.00pm - 10.00pm
(6.00pm - 7.00pm - dinner served)
(7.00pm - 10.00pm - main event)

Science Theatre, UNSW

Ticket Price:
$12 - UNIBUDS Member
$15 - Non-UNIBUDS Member
$18 - At Door Purchase
$12 - Bundle Price - min 5 pax

Online Ticket Purcahse @

Marco Tang
Mabelle Tay

Like our Facebook page for more updates :

  • Facebook : UNIBUDS - The University of NSW Buddhist Society
  • In order to make Bodhi Nite happen, we need YOUUU - yes, YOU! If you would like to be part of this amazing night, make new friends, involve yourself with extracurricular activities or to add more colour to your uni life then feel free to join us on this wonderful journey! There are 13 different departments for you to choose from so you should be able to find one that interests you. Don't be shy to contact us to know more, and we hope to hear from you soon!

    Event Chairman:
    Fu Xiu

    Program Master:


    Mei Yan


    Ming Li

    Jay Sie


    Jo Shua






    Potluck 3

    UNIBUDS Activity

    Welcome back and we hope you had a joyful holiday!!! Are you guys ready for session two of uni? Yes? No?

    Either way, we have prepared… UNIBUDS's classic: POTLUCK for you! Some of you would have known what potluck is, but for those who don't, it's basically a gathering for all members and non-members of UNIBUDS, where you can show off your cooking skills by bringing yummy vegetariandishes; or if you are too busy to cook or too shy to show off your cooking skills, you can always come with an empty stomach and fill up your appetite while meeting new and old friends.

    Nevertheless, there will be games just right before the semester is becoming hectic again! So we are looking to seeing you there since the more people coming the merrier!

    Last but not least, there's something special in this Potluck, that is, we will be introducing Bodhi Nite! Wondering what Bodhi Nite is? Keen to find more about Bodhi Nite? Come along and join us for a flavourful dinner and we will tell you more about it.

    PS: All vegetarian food is welcome, whether it is just an appetizer, main dish or a sweet treat.

    The Lodge, Level 3 of Squarehouse
    Saturday, 28th July 2018
    ICon-Time 6.30pm - 9.00pm
    Just your busfare! You are more than welcomed to bring a dish to share with other. Otherwise, just your empty stomach!

    Photography Workshop

    UNIBUDS Annual Event


    Are you interested in capturing moments, taking candids, or even having a mini-photoshooting? If the answer is yes, yes and yes, this workshop is perfect for you! It's our pleasure to be able to invite Eric Lam, who is volunteering to guide us and share some of his experience in photography! He has been taking photos for Bodhi Nite for the past years and they were all just stunning and professional! This time, we will be focusing on event photography where we explore angle, moments, light conditions and some basics of camera to better equip ourselves in this aspect of photography!

    We hope that people who are passionate about photography could come together and enhance their learning experience while learning about the Dhamma along the way. Who knows one day we are able to volunteer and offer this passion of us for a good cause? It's also one way of spreading the Dhamma across the community when people appreciate the photos we have taken. So don't look down on these small little things that we can actually contribute!

    Don't miss out this rare opportunity and it is completely FREEEE!!

    Squarehouse 114, UNSW
    Sunday, 28th July 2018
    ICon-Time 4.00pm - 6.00pm


    UNIBUDS BI-Annual Activity

    Are you excited for a whole new semester? For all the new students, Welcome to UNSW! And for the returning students, welcome back.

    Unibuds is setting up a booth to greet all our new and existing members. We will be next to the Main Library if you would want to drop by. It will be a great opportunity to meet our friendly members and to know more about UNIBUDS and our events. For this semester, we will be having our largest event, which is Bodhi Nite! If you are interested in helping us for Bodhi Nite or signing up as a member, it will be the perfect timing to do so. However, if you would prefer enjoying Bodhi Nite, we have a ‘O-Week Special' offer where the tickets are sold at only $10! Get it now as the offer ends after Week 1.

    PS: We have the coolest membership gift ever, so please come!

    O-Week - Booth Infront of Main Library
    23rd July - 27th July 2018
    ICon-Time 11.00am - 3.00pm
    Mei Yan
    Ming Li

    Refuge Taking Ceremony

    UNIBUDS Annual Event

    In Buddhism, the ‘Triple Gems' refers to the Buddha, the Dhamma (the teachings of the Buddha) and the Sangha (the monastic Buddhist community). Just like a guiding light in the darkness, the Triple Gems illuminates the spiritual path of Buddhist practitioners. To fortify their commitments towards the cultivation of inner peace, Buddhists rely on the Triple Gems and take refuge in it.

    This holiday, we will be heading to Hwa Tsang Monastery to participate in a taking refuge ceremony. Join us as we deepen our commitment to the practice of Buddhism. To register, fill in the form in the link below.

    Hwa Tsang Monastery, Homebush
    Sunday, 8th July 2018
    ICon-Time Ceremony: 3.00pm - 5.00pm
    Meeting time: 1.45pm @ bus stop near Chatime or 2.10pm at Central Station near Eddy Avenue
    Fu Xiu Heng -

    Winter Retreat

    UNIBUDS Annual Event

    UNIBUDS' annual event, the Winter Retreat, is finally coming!! (Yayy~) This year we will be holding our retreat during the semester break at Sunnataram Forest Monastery, which is a perfect place for you to develop a peaceful and calm mind while enjoying a 3-days-and-2-nights trip full of fun activities!

    What will we be doing?

    Under the guidance of Phra Mana Viriyarampo, the abbot of Sunnataram Forest Monastery, we will be learning different types of meditation (including tai chi meditation!!!), getting in touch with the Buddha Dhamma, and practising Buddhist teachings in real life simulations through sketch and discussions. If the weather permits, we will also be having bushwalking and a BONFIRE!

    What if I'm not a student, UNIBUDS member nor full-on Buddhist?

    All are welcome! The retreat - and the Monastery itself - is about opening the doors of Buddhism for you to explore. However, due to limited spaces, UNIBUDS members will be prioritised, and first-come-first-serve basis applies. so do register soon so you don't miss out! As a sign of respect to the Monastery, participants must attend the full retreat for 3 days 2 nights.

    Now, doesn't it sound like something you'd love to experience?

    If you will be having post-exam syndrome after the exam period, or just want to step out from hectic work routines, do come and enjoy the chill and quiet suburb of Bundanoon while taking up this rare opportunity to experience a forest monastic life! In addition, not only that your knowledge will expand, but while listening and contemplating the Dhamma or mingling with spiritual friends, you can also develop a clearer, more focused and wise mind when you step out of the retreat.

    How can I register?

    Please register online by clicking the link here.

    There will be a $10 registration fee included for registration, which will be refunded to you once you finished the retreat. As we have had issues with participants pulling out last minute in the previous years that have been an inconvenience for the monastery as well as taking up spots of people who didn't manage to get a spot, the purpose of this deposit is to reserve a place for participants who are really interested and organisers can have a better estimate of the number of participants. Thank you for your understanding :) Please kindly send a copy of the receipt to

    For more information on the Monastery, please visit:

    Destination: Sunnataram Forest Monastery, Bundanoon
    Weekend, 29th June - 1st July 2018
    ICon-Time Complete information will be provided upon registration
    Food and accommodation is generously provided by the Monastery, donations to theMonastery are most welcome. The cost for a one way train ticket is approximately $8.00 (full) or $4.00 (concession).
    Jay Sie

    CPR Workshop

    UNIBUDS Activities

    Say someone next to you collapses out of the blue. What would you do? How would you respond? It might seem like a bizarre situation to think about while you're sitting comfortably at your desk, but as a matter of fact some 30, 000 people have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Australia each year and 90% of them will die due to late intervention. So what can we do?

    Our CPR Workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to learn the necessary skills required to provide a first aid response until the arrival of medical assistance, as proper action taken during this time frame is crucial to saving a life! Held by Dr Chiang, an Emergency Consultant based in Sydney, this workshop will include presentations, demonstrations by medical tutors, hands-on practical opportunities on mannequins and Q & A sessions. And as with all UNIBUDS events, this workshop is not restricted to members - anyone can join (yes, even if you're no longer a student at UNSW) ??And the best part? Its completely free of charge! So please don't pass by this valuable opportunity, and bring your friends along to learn how to save lives together!

    However, due to the limited space, UNIBUDS members are prioritized and a first-come-first-serve basis applies. So do register here ASAP so you don't miss out!

    Speaker's Profile:

    Sc Hons (Environmental & Occupational Health), MBBS (Hons), FACEM, CCPU

    Dr Lee Juan Chiang earned his medical degree in University of Sydney and completed his Emergency Medicine training in the Sydney Local Health District. Hailed from Kuala Lumpur, he is currently an Emergency Physician based in Sydney, splitting his time between large and small EDs in both public and private hospitals.

    He has a niche skill in Emergency Ultrasound and has been performing point-of-care ultrasound for almost 10. He previously served as the Australasia Society of Ultrasound Medicine (ASUM) Trainee Representative for Emergency Ultrasound in 2012 and was Nominated the 'Young Ultrasonographer of the Year' by ASUM in 2014. With his deep passion and dedication in Emergency Ultrasound, he has helped to facilitate the development of Emergency Ultrasound Unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, in 2015. He firmly believes that the utilisation of Emergency or Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) can improve the outcome of patients' care, and therefore seeks to further empower this skill to fellow Emergency clinicians.

    Dr Chiang is extremely passionate about teaching and has conducted several Emergency Ultrasound courses as well as CPR workshops. His current passion is to teach students good and effective CPR with the hope that one day they would be able to save lives.

    When he is not glued to the ultrasound machine in ED, you might see him feasting on Malaysian street food in his favourite local Malaysian restaurant with his family. If you are really lucky, you might even see him salsa dancing at the Cuban club in Sydney.

    Law Building Room 101, UNSW
    Sunday, 10th June 2018
    ICon-Time 10.00am - 11.30pm
    Free - Limited spots, please register!
    Katie -

    Meditation Workshop - Loving-Kindness Meditation

    UNIBUDS Meditation workshop
    Rod Lee

    Time flies and the semester is about to end! Usually, this is one of the busiest and stressful periods throughout the semester because of the never-ending assignments and studies. But worry not. We are here to help you get through the tough time as UNIBUDS will be holding its second meditation workshop of the year to keep your stress level down and be ready to perform the final sprint for the finals.

    This workshop will be about Loving Kindness Meditation which is a form of meditation that focuses on developing feelings of goodwill, kindness and warmth towards each other. This workshop is suitable for everyone, even for beginners as we will not be meditating all the time; instead, it includes an introduction to Loving-Kindness meditation, guided meditation sessions and discussions about meditation. This will definitely be a perfect and fruitful opportunity for those who are keen to develop their interest in meditation or just simply want to learn how to meditate!

    Speaker Profile:
    Rod Lee is the director of the Tibetan Buddhist Society. He has been practicing Buddhism since 1978 and has been teaching Buddhism for over 20 years. He was a disciple of Venerable Geshe Loden. Rod has a company called Working Balance which teaches meditation and mindfulness to business people. He teaches Tai Chi and is a Shiatsu massage therapist. He also provides stress management counselling for individuals using Buddhist perspectives.

    Squarehouse 114, UNSW
    Saturday, 26th May 2018
    ICon-Time 10.00am - 12.00pm
    Mei Yan Tang

    Vesak Day

    UNIBUDS Event

    It's the annual big day of Buddhism and we would like to invite you to join us in celebrating Vesak Day! So, what is Vesak Day or Buddha Day? It is a celebration on the full moon day of the ancient lunar month of Vesakha, to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Buddha. Furthermore, it acts as a reminder to reflect on our practice on the Buddha's teachings.

    From Thailand to South Korea, Myanmar, Nepal and Malaysia -- every country has its own tradition in celebrating this auspicious day. As a non-sectarian buddhist society, UNIBUDS celebrates Vesak Day in alternating tradition between Mahayana and Theravada. This year, we will be celebrating the ceremony in Theravada tradition. On the day, we will be chanting and listening to Dhamma Talks given by our patron, Venerable Chao Khun Samai and our Buddhist Chaplain, Venerable Neng Rong. In addition to that, we will have a significant ritual of bathing the Buddha statue to signify the purification of the body, speech and mind on this special day

    Make sure to jot down the date for this meaningful and joyful event that only happens once a year! Hope to see you there with a modest and open heart in appreciating the Triple Gem.

    Room 114, Level 1 of Square House, UNSW
    Saturday, 19th May 2018
    ICon-Time 2.00pm - 5.00pm

    Potluck 2

    UNIBUDS Activity

    If you missed our first POTLUCK, worry not, because here comes... *drum rolls* POTLUCK 2! For those who had not heard of POTLUCK before, it is a social event where people bring their dishes and share it with other people. Some of our lovely members will try their best to bring yummy vegetarian food so do come if you want to get a bite of it! For those home chefs who love cooking, don't be shy to show us how good your cooking skills are! Bring your signature dish along and share it together! All vegetarian food is welcome, whether it is just an appetizer, main dish or a sweet treat.

    Food is always good when shared, so drag your friends along and spread the joy around! Mark your calendar and remember to bring your empty stomach and excitement for food on Week 10's Saturday night! See you there!

    The Lodge, Level 3 of Squarehouse
    Saturday, 5th May 2018
    ICon-Time 6.30pm - 9.30pm
    Just your busfare! You are more than welcomed to bring a dish to share with other. Otherwise, just your empty stomach!
    Ming Li
    Jay Sie

    Scripture Study


    This year at UNIBUDS we are proud to present a newly crafted activity and that is (drumroll) SCRIPTURE STUDY!!!

    What do YOU get for coming to Scripture Study? As Buddhism evolves through time, it undergoes various cultural exchanges and therefore there are countless number of interpretations a teaching can contain. From times to times some of you (like myself) may have some doubts when you hear about Buddhism from others - "How close is it to the original teaching of the Buddha?" How would you know what are the correct Teachings? How do I know if what other people tell me is true Buddhism? Are you on the right path? Knowing this would happen, the Buddha made his advice clear;

    "Without approval or scorn, take careful note of (others) words, and make them stand against the Suttas (Discourses) and tally them against the Vinaya (Rules)." (DN 16)

    Precisely, at Scripture Study, we will discuss hands-on the teachings of the Buddha (and his disciples') from the one of the earliest Buddhist recordings. Our resources are obtained from authoritative scriptures such as the Pali Canon, Chinese Agamas, Mahayana Sutras, as well as other treatises composed by the Buddha's disciples, whether directly or indirectly.

    For many of you, this will be a new experience as you might be exploring a new means to study Buddhism! Do not fret! Anyone new to Buddhism is also welcome. Come and check it out!

    Disclaimer: Like other UNIBUDS activity, there is no sectarian division in Scripture Study. This means that we welcome participants from all Buddhist backgrounds. As such, we will be discussing the Scriptures from different cultural/philosophical perspectives i.e. from both Theravada and Mahayana (Tibetan included) sources. Through this activity we aim to enhance your understanding of Buddhism in an open-minded way.

    Squarehouse 114, UNSW
    Sunday, 21st April 2018
    ICon-Time 10.00am - 1.00pm
    Tus -

    Songkran Festival


    Need a little break from study on the weekend but don't know what to do? UNIBUDS is organising a trip for our next activity, Songkran, at one of our patron monasteries, Wat Pa Buddharangsee!

    Songkran, also known as Thailand Water Festival, is the most important festival for Thai people and is celebrated as the traditional Thai New Year. Thai people sprinkle water to show respect to the elders including family members, friends, neighbours, and monks. Here, we will be having a series of activities, such as chanting, blessing, short sermon, fund raising Food Fete, South East Asian traditional dances and more!

    Besides enjoying the festival, we will also be volunteering by helping out the monastery with food collecting from the food offering and packing up.

    Remember to register before 14th April by contacting or emailing Katie or Alina. Hope to see you for Songkran!

    Wat Pa Buddharangsee, Leumeah NSW
    Sunday, 15th April 2018
    ICon-Time 9.00am - 5.00pm
    Opal Card for Transportation

    Meditation Workshop - Breathing Meditation

    UNIBUDS Meditation workshop
    Venerable Neng Rong

    It is already the midpoint of the semester and we hope that you are coping well with university! The stress is building up as the workload is piling up. A clear and relaxed state of mind is the key to be productive and efficient.

    UNIBUDS is organising its first meditation workshop of the year and it is a perfect opportunity to calm your mind. This workshop is suitable for everyone, even for beginners as it teaches the basic form of meditation which is Breathing Meditation. It will be a fruitful experience as it will be a fully guided workshop by our inspiring teacher. Also, there will be a Q&A session if you have any concern during the meditation!

    Speaker Profile:
    Venerable Neng Rong is the current Buddhist Chaplain at UNSW and Abbess of Hwa Tsang Monastery, which is the monastery founded by UNIBUDS Patron Venerable Tsang Hui. Venerable Neng Rong has earned her Masters in Educational Administration at UNSW in 1993 and her Masters of Arts (Buddhist Studies) from the Taiwan Chung Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies in 1999. Venerable has done extensive work in the teaching of scripture classes for both primary and high school students. She is also involved in teaching Buddhism to university student groups from UNSW, Sydney University, Macquarie University and University of Technology Sydney. Venerable helps with providing support, advice, and counseling for the university Buddhist communities and members of the university community in general. She hopes to promote religious understanding, peace and spirituality on campus.

    Squarehouse 115, UNSW
    Saturday, 14th April 2018
    ICon-Time 3.00pm - 5.30pm
    Mei Yan Tang -

    Rock Climbing


    After such a hectic beginning to the semester, its finally time to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of uni life! And what better way to do so than to put your physical and mental strength and endurance to the test, while making new friends along the way? Join us on our rock climbing adventure at the Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym as we conquer our fears, challenge new heights and burn calories through a huge workout!

    Never rock climbed before? Don't fret – there will be a short training session at the start where you will be taught the basics of climbing and belaying a partner before you will be given the freedom of challenging any of the 350 roped routes available.

    Up for the challenge? Please register here before the 30th of March as spots are limited! Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and hope to see you there!

    What to bring: small towel, drinking water, opal card, membership and waiver (Attached here), ID and your climbing spirit!
    What to wear: running shoes, sports clothing (no skirts, dresses or thongs)

    Venue: St Peter's Indoor Climbing Gym
    Meeting Location: Central Station (Eddy Avenue) at 2.00pm
    Sunday, 1st April 2018
    ICon-Time 2.30pm - 7.00pm
    $18 per person (inc harness hire)
    Katie -

    Buddhism Fair


    When there's a new semester, there's a new event too! Hold your horses as UNIBUDS presents to you Buddhism Fair, the first ever in UNSW!!

    Being our first large scale event of the year, we couldn't do less to amuse you with all the activities we have on mid-Week 5. As you stroll along the main walkway, be sure to look out for our stalls filled with exhibits, games, food and wonderful decorations that'll make your jaw drop.

    If that has not amazed you yet, we also have some cool gifts to give away by just visiting some of our stalls; Or check us out during mid-day as we have packed a surprise specially for all of you.

    For more information, follow our UNIBUDS page on Facebook or send us an email. We'll be more than happy to assist you.

    Main Walkway
    Tuesday - Thursday, 27-29th March 2018
    ICon-Time 11.00am - 5.30pm
    Just your busfare! You are more than welcomed to bring a dish to share with other. Otherwise, just your empty stomach!
    Fu Xiu

    Volunteers needed!!
    We need all the help we can get to make this event happened! If you are interested to be part of the team? As We have a variety of departments that you can join- do check them out below and don't hesitate to contact us to know more about how each department contributes towards the making of an amazing Buddhism Fair!

    Coordinator Fu Xiu
    Assistant Coordinator Alina
    Exhibition Stall Tus
    Interactive Stalls Jay Sie
    Mei Yan
    UNIBUDS & Book Stall Peter
    Vegetarian Stall Ming Li
    Centrepiece Jo Shua
    Program Master Katie
    Marketing Jin
    Logistics Koko
    Publication & Archive Marco

    Potluck 1

    UNIBUDS Activity

    Potluck is back in 2018!! Featuring the food prepared by our dearest EXCO members, not to mention this year we will be going full vegetarian (Don't worry, I guarantee you they are equally tasteful and yummy)! So be sure to drop by and say hi to us, and who knows, you might develop a new taste for vegetarian food! (if you haven't yet)

    If you want to show off your master chef skills, don't be shy! You are more than welcome to bring along your food and share it with everyone! Otherwise, just bring your empty stomach and a hearty smile.

    What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy a special Saturday night full of food, friendssss and FUNNNNNN!!!

    The Lodge, Level 3 of Squarehouse
    Saturday, 17th March 2018
    ICon-Time 6.30pm - 9.30pm
    Just your busfare! You are more than welcomed to bring a dish to share with other. Otherwise, just your empty stomach!


    UNIBUDS Annual Activity

    It's the start of a new semester and we hope everyone had a great break and is ready for all the grand events coming up this year! Still don't know who to talk to? Bored and looking for something to do? Want to make new friends? HAVE AN EMPTY STOMACH?

    Do not fret! UNIBUDS will be welcoming YOU with our first event of the year to help YOU mingle with our big family. There will be lots of FREE food, FREE friends, and FREE fun!

    What are you waiting for? This is a great opportunity not to miss! Register now at our O-Week stall and make sure you come packed with enthusiasm and a big stomach!

    Event Venue: Coogee Beach (BBQ pit opposite McDonalds)**
    Saturday, 3rd March 2018
    ICon-Time Event time: 10.30am - 2.00pm
    Meeting time: 10.00am at UNSW Main Walkway or 10.30am at Coogee Beach
    Just your OPAL Card! Food & entertainment are provided!
    Mei Yan

    O-Week Stall

    UNIBUDS BI-Annual Activity

    Are you guys ready for a whole new year of uni? Hyped up for new opportunities to make friends, participate in fun activities and learn about the Dhamma? Well you don't have to look far, as UNIBUDS is officially back in business!

    Come drop by our O-week stall to meet our enthusiastic members who just can't wait to talk to each and everyone of you! Come and sign up, or renew your existing membership (remember, they only last a year :p) and welcome back!

    Also, did we forget to mention that we will be handing out a certain limited edition membership gift to new members?  So what are you waiting for? Come on over and say hi!

    Week 0: Near Red Centre
    Week 1: Infront of Main Library
    Week 0: 19th February - 23rd February 2018
    Week 1: 26th February - 2nd March 2018
    ICon-Time 10.00am - 4.00pm
    Jo Shua

    For those who want to know more about our society, don't hesitate to contact us! Hope to see you there!

    All UNIBUDS activities are open to both members and non-members

    2018 Calender of Events

    Date Events & Activities
    03/03 Orientation Picnic
    17/03 Potluck 1
    27-29/03 Buddhism Fair
    21/04 Scripture Study Workshop 1
    05/05 Potluck 2
    19/05 Vesak Day Celebration
    06-08/07 Winter Retreat
    28/07 Potluck 3
    25/08 Bodhi Nite 2018
    08/09 Bodhi Nite Thank You Dinner
    (Potluck 4)
    15/09 Scripture Study Workshop 2
    06/10 39th Annual General Meeting
    20/10 Cook of the Year 2018
    23-25/11 Summer Retreat

    2018 Meditation Workshops

    10am - 1pm (Saturday)

    For all meditation enquiries, please contact our Meditation Coordinator:

    Date Topic
    14/04 Breathing Meditation
    By: Venerable Neng Rong
    26/05 Loving-Kindness Meditation
    By: Rod Lee
    22/09 Walking Meditation
    By: Grahame White
    27/10 Vipassana Meditation
    By: Jim Teoh