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Story of the Year

UNIBUDS Activity

Bored and wanting to meet new friends during lockdown?

Can’t express much of your creativity while staying at home?

Ran out of new hobbies to try?

Fear not!Unibuds are back to present the second “Story of the Year".

Participants will come together to pour their creative juices into a story while incorporating Dhamma messages. You and your teammates will be given time to break the ice and brainstorm ideas from several stimuli. Then, members will be collaborating to create a story.

When you are with good people and good vibes, time will surely fly by. Also, you can choose to convey your story with just texts, or include visuals by drawing illustrations.

What you will get:
> Some much needed stress relief
> Creative satisfaction
> Lovely, new friends
> Valuable Dhamma knowledge

So what are you waiting for? Register now by clicking here and together we will have the best weekend in lockdown. Zoom link will be provided on our Facebook event page)

Saturday, 17th July 2021
ICon-Time 10.00pm - 1.00pm
Chris - 0498 179 241
Charmaine - 0426 993 266
Louie - 0403 270 100

Meditation Workshop 3
"Different Forms of Meditation"

UNIBUDS Meditation workshop
John Barclay

It’s nearing the end of the second term! Hope everyone is up to date with their assignments and lectures UNIBUDS is having its third meditation workshop of the year with the topic – Different Forms of Meditation which will be guided by our speaker John Barclay.

This practice allows us to relax and be more aware of the present moment through various forms of meditation, including walking meditation, sitting meditation and more in store! If you are interested, come along and take the proactive stance towards being more mindful in our lives, improving our well-being and allowing ourselves to spread the sense of peacefulness within ourselves and those around us!

Please sign up here if you’re interested as there are limited spots available

Come join us for an informative, interactive and fun workshop! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Saturday, 10th July 2021
ICon-Time 2.00pm - 3.00pm
Amanda - 0413 535 988 |

Meditation Workshop 2

UNIBUDS Meditation workshop
Rod Lee

Welcome back to a new term! Hope everyone had lots of rest during the short break and is feeling refreshed and energised for the term. UNIBUDS is having its second meditation workshop of the year with the topic – Breathing Meditation which will be guided by our speaker Rod Lee.

This practice utilises the rhythm of our breath to help us be more mindful of our everyday lives and appreciate the present moment. By being aware of ourselves, we can also live up to our values and work towards achieving our goals in life. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced meditator. You will also have the opportunity to clarify any confusions you may have about meditation

Please sign up here if you’re interested as there are limited spots available

Come join us for an informative, interactive and fun workshop! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Squarehouse 115, UNSW
Saturday, 12th June 2021
ICon-Time 11.00am - 1.00pm
Amanda - 0413 535 988 |

Autumn Retreat

UNIBUDS Annual Activity

We are delighted to announce that AUTUMN RETREAT IS BACKK!!! The 2021 Autumn Retreat will be held at Sunnataram Forest Monastery during the term break, and this is the perfect way to reward yourself after a challenging exam period. Step out of your hectic schedule to learn more about the Dhamma and experience the peaceful monastic life in the quietude of Bundanoon. Immerse in the beauty of the Southern Highlands, its natural sceneries and remarkable starry nights. Come join us on this extraordinary and unforgettable experience and make some spiritual friends along the way!

What will we be doing?
Under the guidance of Phra Mana Viriyarampo, the abbot of Sunnataram Forest Monastery, we will be learning about different types of meditation, touch upon the meanings of the Dhamma and practise Buddhist teachings in real-life simulations through sketches and discussions. When night comes, let us huddle in the warmth of each other’s company and admire the constellations above the night sky.

What if I'm not a student, UNIBUDS member nor a full-on Buddhist?
All are welcome! The retreat - and the Monastery itself - receives all beyond its gates and into the light of Buddhism. However, due to regulated restrictions, UNIBUDS members will be prioritised, and a first-come-first-serve basis applies. So do register soon to ensure you don't miss out on this opportunity!! As a sign of respect to the Monastery, participants must attend the full retreat which goes for 3 days and 2 nights.

How can I register?
Please register online by clicking HERE.

Note: there will be a $10 registration deposit, which will be refunded after the retreat. This is to minimise any inconvenience towards the monastery caused by participants pulling out at the last minute for us to have a good estimate of the number of participants for the retreat to proceed as smoothly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like to know more about the Sunnataram Monastery, please visit their official website by clicking HERE.

Sunnataram Forest Monastery (Transportation arrangement will be stated in the registration form)
Friday - Sunday, 14th - 16th May 2021
Food and accomodation are generously provided by the Monastery, but donations to the Monastery are most welcome.
Jun Wen - 0412 939 932
Alison - 0414 343 591
JC - 0426 810 489

Extraordinary General Meeting


We would like to hereby invite you to UNIBUDS' 41st Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) where we will be filling the Honorary Treasurer position.

We hereby invite you to this meaningful event where you can showcase your support to the candidates, exercise your voting rights, as well as having the chance to join as a member of the executive committee! Come and join us and we hope to see you there!

Please click here for the document containing a list of available positions and portfolio duties.
(Note that only the Honorary Treasurer position will be open)

If you wish to put in a nomination, please text UNIBUDS or contact any of our EXCOs for the details and nomination form.

Please note:
- If you wish to run for the Honorary Treasurer position, you must be an ORDINARY MEMBER of UNIBUDS (i.e you must be a UNSW student)
- The nomination form should be submitted at least 2 days before the EGM.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, and we hope to see you there!

Law Building 203, UNSW
Saturday, 10th April 2021
ICon-Time 11.30am - 2.30pm
Hong Xuen - 0481 248 276
Jay Sie - 0426 810 489

Amazing Race

UNIBUDS Activity

2021 UNIBUDS Amazing Race Promo Video

2019 UNIBUDS Amazing Race

Introducing UNIBUDS’ biggest event of term 1...READY, SET, GO!


Grab your friends and challenge them to solve puzzles🧩 and games🎲 embedded with Dhamma messages (the Buddha’s teachings)! Teams will use their logic, teamwork and specific landmarks around them to win fantastic prizes!

Don’t miss out on this superb opportunity to learn Buddhism in a whole new and interesting way! Did someone say delish vegetarian food and great company? YESSS!!

>>> LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! Register Here!!! <<<

Venue: Centennial Park
Meeting Point: To-be-confirmed
Saturday, 3rd April 2021
ICon-Time 10.00am - 5.30pm
$5 per person
CJ - 0432 961 238
Binh -0452 505 290

Potluck 1

UNIBUDS Social Activity

How has uni been going for you so far? Feeling stressed from the workload? Or are you on top of your game? Either way, you deserve a break, which is why we’re bringing you our very first Potluck of the year!

A potluck is a social event that involves connecting with friends both new and old, whilst enjoying the dishes we each bring and share. So those who love to cook or bake, feel free to bring a dish along (please note that it must be a vegetarian dish). If you are bringing a dish, please let us know what you’re bringing so that we can make sure we have a variety of different foods. Those who are shy to show off their cooking skills are still very welcome to join us. So come along, bring your friends, and revel with us in a feast and some fun games!

Sign up for the trip with this link now!

Alumni Lawn
Sunday, 27th March 2021
ICon-Time 10.30am - 2.30pm
Tharushi - 0484 597 054
Daryl - 0426 495 889

Hiking at Blue Mountains

UNIBUDS Social Activity

Have you been to Blue Mountains before? If the answer is no, you should come with us, enjoy the scenery out in the woods while having a fun time with our lovely Excos. If the answer is yes, what’s a good trip without great people? Come and join us to have a short hide out from the hectic life just before uni gets busy! We will go on the Katoomba walking circuit, have a chance to take pictures with the famous three sisters on the way and finally reach the top of the three sisters! The hike is suitable for all people, from amateurs to regular hikers. So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for the trip with this link now!

Event Location: Blue Mountain

Meeting Location: Central Station
Sunday, 14th March 2021
ICon-Time Event time: 8.24am - 6.20pm
There are no fees other than travel and food expenses. As there is a $8.05 travel cap applied to Opal Cards on Sunday, you are highly recommended to bring an Opal Card instead of using other methods of payment.
Jay Sie - 0426 810 489

Scripture Study Workshop 1

UNIBUDS Activity

“Our minds will be unaffected and we will say no evil words. We will remain sympathetic, with a mind of good will, and with no inner hate.”
- Kakacupama Sutta MN 21

Have you been missing out the weekly Dhamma talks as midterms and deadlines are approaching? Fret not! Our first Scripture Study Workshop of the year is here! So if you are looking for a chance to learn more about Buddhism or have any Dhamma questions – come join us for a fun and friendly Dhamma discussion session!

Wondering what Scripture Study is?

The Buddha advised us to “not give up your authority and follow blindly the will of others” and instead “believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart, mind and body and found it to be true. Work out your own path, through diligence.” At Scripture Study, we will discuss the teachings of the Buddha and his noble disciples from some of the earliest Buddhist records.

As UNIBUDS is hosting in-person events this term, maybe you’d like to take up the initiative to learn the teachings of the Buddha. Occasionally, you may have felt uncertain about some Buddhist quotes or teachings and wonder to yourself: “What is true Buddhism?” or “What are the correct teachings?” Or perhaps you are looking for friends with the same interest to learn Buddhism with? Whatever your reason may be, come along with the UNIBUDS family to explore Buddhism in a fun and interactive way.

What will we be doing?

Here’s a brief schedule for how this Scripture Study Workshop will be run:
  1. A small introduction to Scripture Study Workshop.
  2. Small group discussion of the Suttas, led by our friendly and insightful facilitator(s).
  3. Group presentations of the Suttas – each group gets a chance to share what they have learned and any interesting points that have come across.

For many of us (including myself), Scripture Study is a new experience as we explore another approach to study Buddhism! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns. Feel free to drag your friends along as we’d love to meet new buddies! Anyone new to Buddhism is always welcome.


Our theme for this coming Workshop is “Cultivating Good Merits” as we explore the different ways to practice and spread loving-kindness.

Disclaimer :

Like all UNIBUDS activities, Scripture Study is not associated with sectarian division. UNIBUDS welcomes participants from all backgrounds to discuss and learn about Buddhism in an open and welcoming environment.

Registration link here!!! <---

Law 203, UNSW
Saturday, 13th March 2021
ICon-Time 10.00am - 1.00pm
Alison - 0414 343 591 |

Meditation Workshop 1

UNIBUDS Meditation workshop

Hope you all are coping well with the start of the new term. It can get kind of overwhelming and restless at times, but don’t fret because meditation is here to help clear and ease your mind. We’re excited to have our first meditation workshop of the year and would love to have you join us!

The topic for this workshop is Loving Kindness Meditation and will be guided by our speaker Jim Teoh. This simple practice in conjunction with the teachings of Buddhism is also used by psychology experts to help improve one’s wellbeing. You will also have the opportunity to clarify any confusions you may have about meditation.

Come join us for an informative, interactive and fun workshop! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Law Building 203, UNSW

Wednesday, 27th February 2021
ICon-Time 11.00am - 1.00pm
Amanda - 0413 535 988 |


UNIBUDS Annual Activity

If you answered yes to any of the above, then come along to our first event of the year, O-Picnic!

There will be plenty of O-so-delicious homemade dishes for you to fill up on after spending the day playing games and chatting with your fellow Unibuddies. This is the perfect opportunity for all our members to get to know each other in a relaxed environment where the only expectation is that you have fun.

Especially if you are a first year or new to UNIBUDS, this event is perfect for you to make great friends and to experience what we are all about.

So what are you waiting for? Fill in your forms quick cause the first 10 people to sign up will get a FREE high-five from our precious president, Danny!

Event Location: Centennial Park (exact location TBC)

Meeting Location 1: UNSW Main Walkway @ 10.00am
Meeting Location 2: Centennial Park @ 10.30am
Saturday, 20 February 2021
ICon-Time Event time: 10.30am - 1.30pm
Just your OPAL Card! Food & entertainment are provided!
Sarah - 0432 967 217
Binh - 0452 505 290)

Introductory Meditation Workshop

UNIBUDS Meditation workshop
Venerable Neng Rong

To help kick start a great semester and year, you are cordially invited to the O-Week meditation workshop— Introduction to Meditation!

Some topics we will explore include Loving Kindness Meditation and Mindful Breathing. Come and discover the Buddhist approach to meditation and be fascinated by the calming and peaceful effects it does to the body and mind. With the guidance of an experienced meditation facilitator, you will learn how to use simple meditation techniques to control your thoughts and concentrate your mind on the present moment.

This introductory workshop is suitable for everyone, with or without previous meditation experience. Come as you are and be prepared to enjoy the benefits of Buddhist meditation.

Law Building 203, UNSW
Wednesday, 10th February 2021
ICon-Time 1.00pm - 2.00pm
Amanda - 0413 535 988 |

O-Week Stall

UNIBUDS BI-Annual Activity

Welcome back to UNSW! Wooo! Hope you have enjoyed your holiday in the past 2 months and are ready to begin an awesome year ahead!

O-Week is coming soon so don’t forget to check out our O-week stall to meet our friendly and enthusiastic team! Don’t be shy, we would like you to join our UNIBUDS family. But what if you are still in overseas and could not meet us and sign up? Don’t worry cause we will be doing an online Buddy Program which you could meet new friends and our team there! Furthermore, you would also work together to complete a variety of weekly activities together

Click here to sign up for the Buddy Program!

Also, did we forget to mention that we will be giving out limited-edition welcome gifts to our members? So what are you waiting for? Come on over and say hi!

O-Week - Mon : Quadrangle
O-Week - Tue : Blockhouse G15
O-Week - Wed : Law Building 203
O-Week - Thu & Fri : Blockhouse G15

Week 1: Outside Main Library
O-Week: Monday, 8th February 2021 - Friday, 12th February 2021
Week 1: Monday, 15th February 2021 - Friday, 19th February 2021
ICon-Time 10.00am - 4.00pm
Hong Xuen - 0481 248 276
Alison - 0414 343 591
Aaron - 0406 634 528

For those who want to know more about our society, don't hesitate to contact us! Hope to see you there!

All UNIBUDS activities are open to both members and non-members

2021 Calender of Events

Date Events & Activities
10/02 Introductory Meditaton Workshop
20/02 O-Picnic
27/02 Meditation Workshop 1
13/03 Scripture Study Workshop 1
14/03 Hiking @ Blue Mt
27/03 Potluck 1
03/04 Amazing Race
15/04 Vesak Day
20-22/05 Autumn Retreat
26/06 Vesak Day
24-26/05 Autumn Retreat
12/06 Meditation Workshop 2
26/06 Scripture Study Workshop 2
03/07 Potluck 2
10/07 Meditation Workshop 3
17/07 Cook of the Year
02/10 Bodhi Nite
16/10 Potluck 3
23/10 Annual General Meeting
30/10 Meditation Workshop 3
13/11 Scripture Study Workshop 3

2021 Meditation Workshops

For all meditation enquiries, please contact our Meditation Coordinator:

Date Topic
10/02 Loving Kindness Meditation & Mindful Breathing
By: Ven. Neng Rong
27/02 Loving Kindness Meditation
By: Jim Teoh
12/06 Mindfulness with Breathing
By: Rod Lee
10/07 Different Forms of Meditation
By: John Barclay
30/10 Vipassana Meditation